You Are A Different Kind Of Leader

So why would you develop your leadership in the same way as everyone else?

Emotional Intelligence focused development to make you a more effective leader!

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Online Courses

Develop your emotional intelligence, and your leadership skills with our class-leading online courses that will help you maximize your leadership impact.

Daily Practice

Change your leadership practices by repeating small actions over time. Our daily practice programs help you develop your leadership skills day by day.

EQ Coaching

Individualized coaching with leading emotional intelligence coaches that will help you meet your leadership goals quicker and with greater impact.


Books, video's, podcasts, activities, and other EQ resources that you can use to build your knowledge and become a more effective leader.

Work With Leader's Who Have Actually Led!!


Drew Bird

Drew has helped literally thousands of leaders from across North America to develop their emotional intelligence and become more effective, engaging, and productive leaders. He is an EQ Master trainer, as well as having an MSc in Organizational Psychology, and an MA in Leadership. Oh, and he's actually led people too!!

Karen Bowen

Karen Bowen

Karen's background includes decades of leadership experience in some of the most challenging industries around. As well as being a successful Ironman triathlete, an accomplished fitness leader, and a long distance cyclist, she also knows more than a thing or two about developing leaders. She also has an MA in Leadership!

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